Purna Root Promoter (Rooting Hormone)

Purna Root Promoter (Rooting Hormone)

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Purna Root Promoter (Rooting Hormone)
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  • Purna root promoter is found most reliable in stimulating adventitious root initation.
  • Purna root promoter increase number of roots in cuttings.
  • Purna root promoter produce uniformity of rooting in cuttings.
  • Purna root promoter increase length and thickness of roots in cuttings.
  • Purna root promoter is non-toxic to plants.
  • Purna root promoter can be diluted with water as per requirement, if needed.
  • Use for profuse rooting in Roses,Bougainvillea,Durante,Pomegranate,Grape etc. for propagation.

Direction for use:

  • For rooting in cuttings by dip method.
  • Add 100 ml. of Purna Root Promoter in 1 lit.of water. For hard wood cutting dip the cuttings for 15 second and for soft wood cutting 5 second.


Shake the bottle well before use. keep in cool place and away from sun light.do not mix With other agro-chemicals and fertilizers. Leave minimum 3 to 5 days for scheduling the application.


2 ltr / acre

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