Purna Potassium Humate

Purna Potassium Humate

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Purna Potassium Humate
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  • Potassium Humate is a highly effective organic fertilizer.
  • It increases available potassium in soil, increases crop potassium absorption and utilization.
  • It increases the fertilizers use efficiency by increasing the availability of natural nutrient.
  • It maintains soil pH by buffering activity of soil.
  • It Acts as organic catalyst.
  • It increases plant growth and development.
  • It increases flowering and fruiting and hence increases yield and quality.
  • It gives resistant power to plants against stress conditions.
  • Promotion of cell division and cell enlargement by more synthesis of RNA & DNA.

Instruction for use:

1 lit / acre. in any crop as soil application

It can mix with bio fertilizer or any organic manure

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