Purna Fast Deco 1L

Purna Fast Deco 1L

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Purna Fast Deco 1L
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Fast Decomposing of organic residues like press mud, farm yard manures, cotton stakes, Paddy straw, Sugarcane traces, wheat straw, poultry manure etc.

Direction forUse:

  • If the waste is soggy, then sprinkle the Purna Fast Deco directly on the waste and mix it thoroughly.
  • If the waste is dry, mix 1 ltr. Purna fast deco with about 30 ltr. Of water and then spray on to the waste.
  • After mixing the treated waste may be arrange in the form of a heap.
  • For better resultskeep width of the heap as 3 to 4 mtr. and height up to 1.5 mtr.
  • Spray water frequently to maintain moisture level of heap up to 40 %.
  • Turn the heap upside and downside every 15 days for proper aeration.
  • Under normal condition compositing will be complete within 30-45 days.


Shake the bottle well before use. Keep in cool place and away from sun light.


1 lit / M. Ton of organic waste.

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